Cookery Mondays - Book Launch

Last Thursday (12 May 2022) we had our Cookery Monday book launch in the school. All of sixth class went down to the PE hall that morning. Mr. Diver welcomed Rachel Allen, Ms Gleeson, her husband Frank, her daughter Zoe, her sister Joan, Aoife the photographer, members of the Board of Management and the sixth class parents. In his speech, Mr. Diver said he tried hard to get Ms Gleeson to come back to continue cooking with sixth. Finally, Ms Gleeson absolutely agreed to return with a great Cookery Mondays project. The Student Council represented the other classes in the school at the book launch.  Two of the sixth class pupils, Caitlin and Jenkins gave a speech about what good fun the Cookery on Mondays had been for everyone in sixth class. Ms Gleeson, in her speech said she could not write this book without the help of the sixth class students, Mr. Diver and Ms McCarthy for testing each recipe, Laura in Centra, Greenhills who delivered the ingredients each Monday and AWS (Amazon Web Services) who sponsored the project. Ethan and Erin used the school digital video camera to record the book launch. We hope you enjoy the video.

In her speech, Rachel Allen congratulated all of sixth class and Ms Gleeson on writing Cookery Mondays and was delighted to visit the school for the book launch. She spoke of her visit to the kitchen with Ms Moloney and Ms Gleeson. She told us we were lucky to have such a big equipped kitchen, she wished her son's school had one. Cooking is a life skill, and every student should get an opportunity to learn how to cook in school.


At the end of the book launch, Mr. Diver invited the visitors, parents and children to enjoy some refreshments. Parents enjoyed tea, sandwiches, fruit and cakes while the children had orange, bars and crisps.


Leah, Caitlin and Jasmine