Sacred Heart S.N.S. was founded in 1977. At the moment there are about 270 boys and girls, from third to sixth class. At first there was only one school but now the Junior and Senior schools are separate. We don’t have normal classrooms: there are two teachers and two classes, who use a base each and a shared area between them. The shared area is about the same size as a normal classroom, and the bases are about half that size. We have a very big yard to play in, a large hall for P.E., and we also have a field for sports. The school also has a kitchen and a computer room. The teachers are very nice and also, lots of parents come to the school to help. They help with art, crafts, cookery, reading and sports.

We are located at the foot of the Dublin Mountains, in Tallaght, which is about eight miles from Dublin City Centre. There are plenty of places to go in Tallaght and plenty to do: parks, cinemas, a bowling alley, a swimming pool, lots of shops and a library. There are lots of pitches for sports and plenty of clubs and associations to join.

We do lots of sports in our school. The most popular are soccer, basketball, chess and Gaelic games. Our uniform is maroon. It is made of a wine jumper and tie, white shirt and grey trousers or skirt. Many children also have a school tracksuit which is wine and black.

We are famous for a few reasons. Firstly because of our manners and the respect we show to people we meet. Second, because of our technology. We gets lots of teachers visiting us from other schools. They ask us about what we’re doing and what we’re learning with our computers.