Fifth Class Visit to Pet Shop

Our Day Out

On Friday 7th May we went to the Pet Shop in Tallaght Village. We got 7 new fish, we chose one each. We crossed a lot of roads as we walked to Tallaght Village.
When we got our fish, we went to The Square to get McDonalds.

We took our food to Sean Walsh Park. We saw lovely ducks and lovely colourful flowers in the park. As we were eating, we saw a rat and we all went crazy. After we ate, we played on the swings, slide and the bouncer. Caitlin and Leah had so much fun on the swings. The boys pushed the girls first and then the girls pushed the boys on the rope swing.

Ms Gleeson and Ms Maloney were so good to bring us on the trip – we all said thanks to them.

When we went back to school, we told our friends about all our day. I really enjoyed playing in the park.

Our fish are all swimming around happily in our aquarium.

Jenkins, Leah B., Caitlin, Tadhg, Tyler and Jasmine