Safe Routes to School; Cycle path initiative

Our school encourages pupils to take an active approach to coming to and going from school. Many of the children attending our school live in the immediate vicinity. Children are encouraged to walk, cycle, scoot or skateboard to school.  


In August 2022 our school took possession of new and improved bike racks. These sheltered bike racks provide protection from the elements and are a safe, secure area to store bikes, scooters and the like. We now have storage for over fifty bikes and scooters. 


These bike racks were provided by a number of government agencies, who are actively working together to bring safe cycling routes in and around the country. The Safe Routes to School Programme is designed to encourage as many pupils and students as possible in primary and post-primary schools to walk and cycle. 


Safe Routes to School is an initiative of the Department of Transport and supported by the Department of Education. It is operated by the An Taisce Green-Schools Programme in partnership with the National Transport Authority (NTA) and the local authorities.  



In July 2023 building works began outside of our school to expand the bike lanes. These building works are taking place in a phased manner around the country in order to provide Safe Routes to School for all children. However, the building works when complete will have an enormously positive effect on everyone in the community who chooses to cycle or scoot, instead of taking the car or bus.  
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