Minecraft Education

Children in Sacred Heart SNS use Mincraft for Education to further enhance their learning in the classroom. Teachers plan topics for learning and incorporate Minecraft Education into the teaching process.
So far the children have put forward designs to South Dublin County Council relating to the newly designed park in Killinarden. The children discussed their ideas and wishes for their perfect park. They sketched and designed their perfect park on paper. Afterwards they built their design in Minecraft Education. The chidlren included ideas such as horse stables, an astro pitch, a homeless shelter, tiered seating areas, bbq areas and a swimming pool to name but a few. 
In Minecraft for Education children have also had the opportunity to creat Aztecs momuments, Italian styled buildings and design and build our school pond in Minecraft Education. Children embedded their learning y including information signposts beside their minecraft designs, to showcase their learning and understanding.