Arkive – site for information, photos and videos about the world of animals

Science Monster – science for kids, lots of fun games and things to do

Arty the Astronaut – learn about the solar system through games

Stanford University – how everyday things are made

Electrical Safety World – children learn about being safe with electricity

NASA Space Place – lots of facts and activities about outer space

Me and My Body – all about the human body, for children

Whacky Science – information and activities designed for kids

Colgate Kids World – information and activities, all to do with your teeth

NASA Kids’ Club – NASA for kids… simply brilliant

Kids’ Planet – brilliant site, all about the world we live in, with lots to do

Animal Planet – everything you could possibly want to know about animals

Kids Com Animals – kids learn about animals, have fun at the same time

Extreme Science – learn about the science behind what makes each the most extreme example of its kind.

Cool Science – for curious kids

How to Love Your Dog – great tips to care for your dog

Questacon – a superb site from Australia, designed to make science interesting and fun for children

British Natural History Museum – has a great section designed for kids, with lots of fun activities