6th Class

Junior Achiever's Ireland


As part of the Junior Achiever's Ireland, Ms. Golding's 6th Class got to visit Yahoo offices in Dublin. Isabella and Tadhg wrote the following recount of the day:

On Wednesday, we had a school trip to Yahoo we got the bus down and when we got there, we had to line up so we could get up safely. We got the elevators up and we got to see the docks from the elevator. We went into the board room and we met all the staff and they told us why they joined Yahoo and when they started and they did presentations. Then we were put into groups to do a quiz and we had to look for posters with the answers on it. Then after that the staff took us to get ice cream and it was delicious.

Then we went into a board room with walls u can draw on with some of the staff and we had to make a company that would make money and be successful. When we were finished our project, we went back to the board room and presented our ideas to everyone.

For lunch, we went out and we got pizza and we got to play games like FIFA, pool, foosball. There was also a little area with pillows and bean bags and it had a little slide going through it and everyone was sliding down it. When our time was up, we went back down the elevator and back on the bus to travel back to school. When we got back to school, we had about 20 minutes left of school so we played inside for a while then we went out and did some P.E. Then we went home and two days later we had another trip. 



The children learn about the wonders of science and space.
Niamh Shaw, Engineer, scientist, actress, writer and space enthusiast, visited Sacred Heart SNS on Monday the 24th of October. (Niamh Shaw- STEAM Artist | Presenter | Communicator | Curious.Always) She spoke with 6th class about her path to becoming a space communicator and working with NASA and The European Space Agency. Afterwards Niamh helped the children design and build a foam space rocket. The children tested them out in the school yard. 3rd class's rocket travelled the furthest. Well done Team 3rd class! 
Abbie Deans and Tillie Wynne from Ms Jenkins class wrote about Niamh's visit. Please continue to read their recount below.

On Monday Niamh Shaw came into sixth class Sacred heart SNS. So, she came in to us and told us about rockets and how they work and showed us some pictures. After that we had lunch and when we done with that. Niamh went to other classes and told them about rockets and space like she did us. Then we went down to the P.E hall and we constructed Rocket ships it was very exciting to do. When we finished we all went outside to the yard and we let the rockets fly it was super cool and we were all thrilled with the rockets and that Niamh Shaw came into our school and we took some pictures and videos but by the time we had to go home we were all sad but still playing with our rockets then we said goodbye to Niamh she done the same. She also said she had an amazing time and that she might come back to our school in January. Then we went home and we told the people at home about our day and how amazing it was. Before we went home we all gave a round of applause to Ms Jenkins for getting Niamh here just for us.


It has been a great year in 6th Class. We have worked hard and are preparing for our big move to secondary school.

We were involved in a very special project with Ms Gleeson and launched a cookery book in May.

We went on a school trip to Glendalough on the 19th of May , it was a fantastic trip.

We celebrated our Confirmation on the 26th of May.

We are very excited about our upcoming school tour to Tayto Park and for our Girls GAA Blitz!

At the end of June we will graduate from primary school and move on to make new memories.

Some 6th Class Work