5th Class

6th February 2024 -Safer Internet Day.
Check out what we did for Safer Internet Day in 5th Class this year.
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Swimming lessons in 5th Class                                                                                                                        

5th class go swimming every Thursday. We walk there and change into our swimming gear. Then when we are all ready we WALK to the swimming pool The swimming instructor tells us where to go for example people who cannot swim go to a group people who can sort of swim go into a group and swimmers go into a group.

Then when we're in the pool we do warmups like touch the floor or do a front/back flip. Then when you’re all warmed up you get told what to do like do back strokes across the pool in groups of three, then you do swimming forward and all things like that.

After that i'ts play time and all the 5th classers play together and have a ball. Then one of the instructors blows the whistle and you go rinse off all of the chorine and go get your clothes, dry yourself fully and get changed and go home 



 By LaceyMae 

We had an incredibly busy year in 5th Class this year! There has been lots of work and lots of fun!

We were involved in preparing the ground and planting native Irish trees for our School Forest and outdoor classroom.

Each class went to Tallaght library and took part in workshops. Ms Golding’s class did Lego Robotics, Ms Jenkins class took part in ‘What Do Astronaut’s Eat? and Ms Domican’s class took part in a Covid 19 Time Capsule project.

All of the 5th class children have been taking part in the Junior Achiever’s STEM project.

A group of children attended the School’s Archive Project in Tallaght library.

We have been busy with chess and coding in an after school club on a Tuesday.

We had a brilliant day out to Funtasia for our school tour and we’re looking forward to our Sports Day and the X Factor competition.