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Trip to Airfield

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On the 9th of May 2011, eleven pupils from Sacred Heart Senior School went on a trip to Airfield in Dundrum. The bus came to the school at 10.30. The weather was very mixed, sunny with showers.  There is a big house in Airfield and gardens which belonged to two sisters, Naomi and Letitia Overend. There are Shetland ponies, donkeys, sheep, lambs, jersey cows, goats, geese, hens, and pigs on the farm. There’s also a dogs' graveyard and a shed with four very old cars, with their own petrol pump outside.
Miss Gleeson brought questionnaires for us to fill out, and we had to look around the farm to find the answers. When we were finished, we went to a field with a picnic area to eat our lunch and sweets. We had a game of football. It was a great game. Ms Phelan and Ms Gleeson played in the second game. Ms Phelan was on the winning team; even though she didn’t score any goals.  
Then we went to the shop to buy lollipops, pencils, rubbers, honey and a candle for Louise, the bus driver. On the way to the shop it started to rain, but it was nearly time to go home. We had a brilliant day, and really enjoyed our visit.

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